Free Estimate or Service Call?

We are happy to offer Free Estimates for all of our installation and non-emergency replacement work. It’s a great time for us to get to know each other and for our team to get to know what needs to be done to give you the project you want and deserve. Of course, it is also a time for you to get an idea of what the project will cost.

Service work does not lend itself to Free Estimates. It is costly for us to purchase a service vehicle, keep it stocked, hire a tech and send that tech to your home. We assume that you’ll want us to find and fix the problem when we arrive, so our policy is simple: There is a service charge for all calls, which is waived if we make a repair. Flat-rate prices, by definition, include the cost of actually getting to your home. If we don’t make a repair, the service charge applies. Our current regular-hour service charge is 135 dollars.

Again, if you think you know the problem, let us know. We have no trouble giving you an idea of the cost. Beware, though…it ain’t always easy to diagnose a problem, so if we’re going by your diagnosis when we give you a price…y’know what I mean?

Thank you,

Joe D’Albora


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